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Nonfiction Publishing Package

  • Personalized service, one-on-one author support in the form of ongoing consultations by phone and e-mail during all phases of book production and publishing
  • Assessment of manuscript, including front matter and back matter
  • Customized design and layout of front and back cover
  • Evaluation of author’s text for back cover
  • Customized design and layout of dust jacket (if applicable)
  • Digital proofs of cover
  • Customized design and layout of interior pages
  • Include up to 5 images (additional fee may apply for more than 5)
  • Color and/or black and white interior
  • Manuscripts up to 40,000 words (additional fee may apply for manuscripts greater than 40,000 words and for reformatting manuscript)
  • Manuscripts should be professionally edited prior to submission
  • Digital proofs of interior page design and layout
  • 10 paperback books shipped FREE to the author in the continental U.S. (5 books if color interior)
  • Assignment of ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
  • Barcode provided
  • Royalty rate: Author receives 50 percent of net proceeds after book production and distribution costs in Ingram’s online distribution network
  • Author’s bio, book and where to buy are featured on publisher’s website
  • Marketing strategy consultation to help author determine best ways to promote and sell the book
  • Marketing & Publicity: We write a media release for the author to distribute to print and online media outlets, and for use on author’s social media sites if the book is published and for sale.
  • Copies of the book available for author to purchase at low prices
  • Affordable & Personalized Service

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