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E.L. (Ed) Wilks

E.L. (Ed) Wilks is an award-winning author who has written, co-written and edited numerous books, primarily biographies and business-related books, including The Lohman Way: Entrepreneur Lowell Lohman’s Story and Strategies for Building Multimillion-Dollar Family Businesses. Ed is a biographer, editor and president and founder of Legacies & Memories, a biography and publishing firm that has written and produced numerous books since 1999. The firm also has published many books by authors writing in various genres.  

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James H. Hardy

James H. Hardy is the author of Musings: Delightful Stories from a Long Life. He is also the author of Reflections, a collection of sixty-five stories published in 2016. He was editor of the book, Spinal Deformity in Neurological and Muscular Disorder. A retired orthopedic surgeon, he and his wife Barbara live in Florida.

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Miriam Hodges

Miriam Hodges is the author of One in a Million: A True Story by Miriam. Miriam is a former Member Emeritus-Nottingham Association of Artists for Troop Entertainment WWII. Holly Rubin Sills is the co-author and editor of One in a Million: A True Story by Miriam. Holly is an author, editor, spokeswoman and advocate for those who demonstrate extraordinary courage.

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Randy Cribbs

Randy Cribbs is an award-winning author of numerous books, most of them set in St. Augustine, Florida or about St. Augustine, including a coloring book, Color Me History! St. Augustine, Florida: The Oldest City in the United States.

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Krista Keating-Joseph

Krista Keating-Joseph is the award-winning author of the Big-Hearted Charlie series of inspirational children’s books: Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile (Winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award); Big-Hearted Charlie Never Gives Up: Fun Adventures; and Big-Hearted Charlie Learns How to Make Friends. Krista is a Gold Star Mom and track and field coach whose Big-Hearted Charlie books are based on true stories about her son, Charles Keating IV, who grew up to became a U.S. Navy SEAL. He was awarded the Navy Cross.

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Linda R. Beall

Linda R. Beall is the author and creator of the Four PAWS series. Four PAWS are four little dogs named Jessie, Max, Itty-Bitty, and Preston. The most recent Four PAWS book is Four PAWS Rumble and Tumble Through the Streets in St. Augustine. Linda M. Brandt illustrated the book. Linda R. Beall’s previous books include: Four PAWS and One Old Cat; We Four PAWS and ME at Yellowstone National Park; and Four PAWS Lucky Little Duke Dog.

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Robert H. Maynard

Robert H. Maynard is the author of A Squirrel Afraid of Heights? Robert writes a bi-monthly newspaper column and has more than forty years of experience writing, hunting, fishing, camping and exploring nature. His intense love and knowledge of nature are evident in his storytelling.

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Kenneth M. Barrett, Jr.

Kenneth M. Barrett, Jr. is the author of Anastasia Island: St. Augustine’s Jewel by the Sea. Archiving, collecting, curating and photographing for St. Augustine’s various collections since 1976, Kenneth M. Barrett, Jr.’s work has been published in more than a dozen books about Florida and St. Augustine’s rich history. A former member of Flagler College’s Art Department, he was responsible for bringing the work of noted photographer Richard Twine to the St. Augustine Historical Society.

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Rick McAllister

Rick McAllister is the author of The Olde South: A Photo Journey Along the Back Roads of the South. A photographer for over forty years, Rick has spent the last eight years traveling the back roads of the Southeastern part of the United States searching for images for his critically acclaimed series. Rick makes his home in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Nancy Macri

Nancy Macri is the author of St. Augustine: Unique Places…Disappearing Spaces. Nancy is an experienced and accomplished artist who has won awards for her paintings in acrylics and watercolors. For years, she also has conducted workshops and taught drawing and painting in her hometown, St. Augustine, Florida. She has traveled the world to paint – and surf – but always returns to the town she loves.

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Peter Guinta

Peter Guinta is the author of Well of Bones: 20 American Snipers, 10,000 ISIS Terrorists. Peter is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran who – as a professional news reporter – reported on insurrection, electoral and political violence, and war in what he calls Third World hell holes such as Baghdad and Ramadi in Iraq, Panama, El Salvador, Oman and Qatar. In 2005, he received Florida Press Club’s First Place award for in-depth reporting about the Florida National Guard in Iraq. Peter is co-author of Illumination Rounds, a graphic portrayal of American soldiers and Marines in Vietnam.

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Arthur Mendenhall

Arthur Mendenhall is the author of Jed Chance: Ride For Justice, a western set in Texas. He has always been a fan of westerns. He grew up reading Louis L’Amour and other western writers and watching John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and other movie and TV riders of the plains.

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Linda M. Brandt

Linda M. Brandt is the author of “Coffee with Linda”: 365 Days of Devotions. “Coffee with Linda” has a loyal following on Facebook where her daily devotions are shared and enjoyed by thousands. Linda also is an artist and she is the author and illustrator of several books, including My Jonah Journey…Developing an Attitude of Gratitude; Henry’s Life as a Tulip Bulb; and Henry the Tulip Bulb Gets Back to his Roots.