• Legacies & Memories is selective about the books it publishes. The firm reserves the right to decline to publish manuscripts that we determine are not suitable for our Traditional Publishing for Co-Publishing.
  • Contact us and request a copy of our Manuscript Guidelines.
  • Manuscripts should be in standard manuscript format (Times New Roman font, 12-point font, double-spaced, paragraphs indented, not block style.) Do not insert photos or any images into the MS Word manuscript.
  • Edited manuscripts can be submitted on our Submissions page.
  • Contact us before submitting any images, photos, graphs, tables, lists, etc. (In preparation for submission, they should be scanned into individual jpegs, 300 dpi, and preferably no more than 5mb each.)
  • Additional charges may apply to any of the packages if manuscript word count and number of images exceed the number listed, and if manuscripts and images are not in the correct formats. Additional charges also may apply if photos and images are to be placed throughout the text pages of the book rather than grouped in sections.
  • Any image for use on the cover should be provided by the author. Publisher will design cover. Charges may apply for any images supplied by the Publisher.
  • eBook Publishing is included eBooks in many of our publishing packages. In others, eBook publishing can be added. A fee applies.
  • Applicable sales tax will be added to all orders.