Legacies & Memories


We provide Traditional publishing (no author investment required) and Co-publishing (author investment required) for writers and authors whose manuscripts we select to publish.


Most of our publishing packages include some marketing services, but we help all of our authors develop a marketing strategy to determine the best methods to reach their targeted audience. Authors are expected to help in marketing and selling their book just as they would if their book was being published by a major publisher or almost any publishing company.

Personalized Service

What sets us apart from many book publishers is our highly personalized service to writers and authors during all phases of publishing, marketing and bookselling.


We offer affordable payment options requiring small down payments for our Co-publishing packages.


The royalty rate we pay authors varies depending on the publishing option and the type of book. Many of our Co-publishing authors receive royalties of approximately 15 percent to 20 percent of the list price of their book.